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Quality Management Is Key to Optimizing the Business of Healthcare

Why External Audits are the Best Way to Ensure Revenue Integrity

Ready for E&M Documentation Simplification? Not So Fast

Time to Change the Conversation: Take the Next Step Forward in Revenue Integrity

Hayes CEO: Looking Ahead to the Continued Growth of Hayes and the MDaudit Community

Want to Ensure Greater Compliance? Look at Things from a Provider’s Point of View

Implementing a Plan to Unite Clinicians, Compliance and Revenue Cycle Teams

Trouble Ahead: The Unintended Consequences of the Proposed E/M Changes

Rules, Regulations, and Reimbursement: Straining Relationships Among Clinicians, Compliance and Revenue Cycle Teams

From Simple Practices to Physician Conglomerates: The Burdensome Journey of the Practicing Physician

Be Wary: Proposed CMS Changes to E/M Codes Don’t Minimize the Need for Vigilant Review and Monitoring

Revenue Integrity: A Unifying Force for Overcoming Compliance Challenges

Overcoming the Revenue Integrity Challenges of Telehealth

5 Benefits of a Common Revenue Integrity Backbone

Developing a Revenue Integrity Program? Get Help with the Right Partner

Revenue Integrity Leaders Gather to Find Solutions to Healthcare’s Financial Challenges

11 Ways to Make Sure Your Contract Management Process is Meeting Your Organization’s Needs

8 Tips to Help Understand and Avoid Denials

Forgotten A/R: 3 Steps to Getting Beyond “Low Hanging Fruit”

6 Questions to Ask When Preparing for a Legacy System Retirement

3 Keys to Staying on Top of Your Underpayments

5 Benefits of Staff Augmentation during Your System Transition

Texting Patient Information? Yes, As Long as You Take These 3 Steps

3 Key Planning Steps to a Smooth IT Transition

Promoting System Efficiency in High Turnover Staff

Happy Holidays from Hayes!

2018 Predictions from Healthcare Leaders Across the Country

5 Tips for a Consumer Friendly Front Desk

6 Steps to an Effective Revenue Integrity Program

Improving your Clean Claim Rate: 5 Areas to Focus On

Happy Thanksgiving from Hayes

5 Ways to Avoid Analysis Paralysis on your next Revenue Cycle Project

Are You Ready for Revenue Cycle Consolidation? A 7 Point Checklist

Seeing the Light on Risk-Based Auditing: A Real-World Example

The Importance of Knowledge Transfer: 5 Tips to Consider Now

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Legacy Support During a System Implementation

How to Minimize Chaos in your Central Business Office during a System Transition: 4 Steps for Success

What is Revenue Integrity and Why It’s So Important

4 KPI Focus Areas to Ensure Revenue Integrity

Restoring the Joy in Clinical Practice

Developing the ROI for Your Business Office Consolidation: 5 Key Questions

3 Benefits of a Data Driven Approach to Billing Integrity

Building a Denial Management System? Here’s Where to Start

Is Biometric Identification the Answer to Patient Data Integrity Issues?

Reimbursement Analysis – A Critical Component to the Implementation of New Services

Are You Ready for Value-Based Care? 7 Things to Consider

Overcoming 3 Healthcare Data Analytics Challenges with Intelligent Analysis

The Missing Link: Patient Responsibility for Health Records

Leveraging Your Epic System in the 3 Revenue Cycle Streams

7 Steps to Maintaining the Health of Your IT System

How to Reduce Billing Errors Using GE Centricity EMR Forms

Managing a Successful Physician Integration: 7 Lessons Learned

Culture Shock: 9 Ways Your Organization Can Prepare for a System Change

Know the Score: Understanding the MACRA Advancing Care Information Category

9 Questions to Ask When Winding Down Your Accounts Receivable During an IT Transition

5 Common Pitfalls of Technology Strategy Development

Leveraging Peer Collaboration and Information Sharing: 3 Things to Think About

Why Healthcare Technology Innovation Must Consider the Patient Story

Non-Medicare Payer Contracts and High Deductible Health Plans: 5 Things to Consider

What’s the Key to an Effective IT Transition? Governance and Strategy

Implementing A New Compensation Plan: 5 Ways to Get Physician Buy-In

From Boardrooms to Exam Rooms: 4 Strategies to Enhance Frontline Engagement in Continuous Improvement

5 Reasons You Should Use an Independent Healthcare Expert for Clinical Optimization

Looking to Optimize Your Epic Revenue Cycle? Concentrate on These 4 Things

4 Opportunities Analytics Can Provide

7 Tips to Cultivate Your Trainer, Part 2 of 2

7 Tips to Cultivate Your Trainer, Part 1 of 2

Managing Denials in a Valued-Based Reimbursement World

The ACA Replacement: How the Views of Trump, Ryan, and Price Tell Us What to Expect

Optimizing Your EMR Project: Utilize Your Lessons Learned

Driving Cultural Transformation: Bringing an Innovative Mindset to Healthcare

Verifying Patient Eligibility: Leveraging Epic Benefit Collection Workflow for Improved Collections

How Analytics Can Benefit 4 Key Members of the Compliance Team

Leveraging the EHR as a Building Block for 3 Key Healthcare Initiatives

How to Maintain Healthcare Security during Staff Augmentation: 4 Critical Areas

The Devil is in the Details: Why You Need an Efficient Tracking System Now

3 Things That Most Likely Won’t Be Changing in Healthcare Under the New Administration

2017 Predictions from Healthcare Leaders Across the Country

4 Ways to Meet the Growing Revenue Cycle Personnel Skills Gap

The MACRA Final Rule: Easing the Pain of Implementation

Driving Audit Productivity and Efficiency: 5 Key Steps

Defining Your Terms: Do You Have the “Analytics” Solution You Really Need?

On the Road with John Halamka, Healthcare IT Observations

The 3 C’s of Clinical Care – Clarity, Collaboration and Communication

5 Benefits of Increased Patient Engagement You May Not Know

Payment Posting: A Crucial Link to Efficient Revenue Cycle Management

DSRIP: A Major Step Toward Reinventing Medicaid

Amidst the Angst, Value-Based Care Is Working

False Claims Act Penalties Doubling: Time to Beef Up Your Compliance Program

3 Ways Technology Must Show Up in the Consumerization of Healthcare

Keys to a Successful Project: Define Before You Jump into Planning

Leading the Path with Information Governance

The Importance of Optimizing Operational Business Processes

How to Effectively Manage Your Optimization Process after Go-Live: MOP IT UP!

The 21st Century Revenue Cycle Leader: 3 Key Factors for Success in the Evolving Healthcare Environment

The Two Sides of MACRA: Examining the Pros and Cons

7 Ways to Plug High Deductible Health Plan Revenue Leaks

Things to Consider When Selecting a Healthcare IT Vendor

Looking to Embrace Population Health? Focus On Your People, Process, and Technology

7 Things to Know for Successful Provider Education

4 Steps to creating super users for your system implementation

MACRA 101: 9 Things You Need To Know

8 Things About Healthcare Analytics That May Surprise You, Part 2 of 2

8 Things About Healthcare Analytics That May Surprise You, Part 1 of 2

How Do We Level the HIT Playing Field?

4 Tips on How to Involve Your Subject Matter Experts in Your EHR Implementation

Most fear it, others embrace it…Audits!

Change in Paradigm: Sharing Healthcare Information Outside the Hospital Walls

Why you need a Data Analytics Plan and How to Get Started

Four Keys for Effective Communication in the Workplace

Tale of Two Systems: Making the Right IT Choice Following a Merger or Acquisition

Caring for the Clinician: The Key to Improving Patient Experience, Enhancing Health Outcomes, and Reducing Cost

Risk-Based Auditing: Why It May Be The Right Choice for Your Organization

Transitioning to a New EMR – 3 Tips to Smooth the Way

HCC model: Down to the Basics from Coding to Documentation

3 Evolving Revenue Cycle Trends: Leveraging Them to Improve Financial Viability

The Sound of Project Success: Orchestrating the Noise into a Symphony

Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care: The Future is Now

Insurance carrier setup neglect: a costly oversight - Part 2 of 2

Insurance carrier setup neglect: a costly oversight - Part 1 of 2

Ignore the Buzzwords – Why a Strategic Approach to Advanced Analytics Provides a Return

Understanding and Leveraging the 2016 OIG Work Plan

Who’s Next? The 3 M’s of HIPAA Compliance Audits

11 Pitfalls of a System Conversion and How to Avoid Them

Healthcare leaders blog: HIT Challenges in Transition: Moving Toward a Clinically Integrated Network

Balancing Act: How to Effectively Maintain your Legacy System During the Chaos of an Install

Is Becoming an ACO the Right Choice for You? 5 Questions to Ask

When Making Go-Live Priorities, Don’t Forget The Knowledge Transfer!

Best Practices for Documentation during Rapid Change

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Go-live Support Staff

6 Ways to Avoid Squandering Consulting Hours

Healthcare Leaders Blog: 5 Steps to Prepare Your Organization for Value-Based Care, Don Michaels, Ph.D.

Hiring Leaders that Quickly Get Distracted with New Opportunities…Squirrel!

3 Secrets to Save on Healthcare IT Costs

Before You Hire That Backfill Support Team, Ask Yourself 5 Questions

Post Go-live Stabilization: 4 Challenges and Tips for Success

Healthcare Leaders Blog: A Shift to Service Lines in Hospital Service Delivery, David O. McCready

Post Epic Implementation: Now What? Watching your Watch List

4 Tips for Successful Project Closure, Why It’s a Crucial Step Between Go-live and Optimization

Healthcare Leaders Blog: Data, Analytics, and the Emerging Role of the CMIO, Gregory Ator, MD., CMIO

Outsourcing Your Billing Office Operations: Benefits vs Risks

4 Ways Front Desk Staff Impact Your Revenue Cycle

The Imperfect Checkout Process: 6 Steps to Enhance Patient Experience

5 Key Metrics You Will Want to Monitor During PM System Implementations

Secure messaging – why it makes your job easier & your patients happier

Prepping Your Staff for a Successful EHR Implementation, What You Need to Know

What Closing the HIPAA Gaps Means for the Future of Healthcare Privacy, Kirk J. Nahra

Effective Project Management: How to Prioritize When Everything is Urgent

The Other Side of the Implementation Coin: Decommissioning Legacy Systems

Understanding Referral Leakage: Identifying Preventable versus Expected

System Implementation: 4 Stumbling Blocks to Avoid

Toggling Between ICD-9 and ICD-10, What You Need to Know

It’s Almost October 1. Do You Know Where Your Documentation Is?

Why Your Front Desk Needs to Understand Coding

Healthcare Leaders blog series: Advice for the Modern IT Leader, John Halamka, MD, CIO

Testing 1, 2, 3. How to Be Ready for ICD-10 by Leveraging Your 835’s

Budgeting for EHR Go-Live: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

The 6 C’s of Clinical Documentation for Post ICD-10

Post EHR Implementation – 5 Things You Need to Do

3 Tips for Identifying Compliance Risks in Your Organization

Planning for the Unexpected EHR Downtime: 4 Key Steps

Avoiding Chaos: 3 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between EHRs and Workflows

Making the Case for Physicians as Part of the EHR Project Team

Patient Portals: How to Balance Privacy and Engagement

10 Tips to Create a Workflow Manual that Your Users Will Love

3 Ways to Minimize Anxiety During An EHR Implementation

Overcoming Resistance to Change: It’s All About the Buy-in

How to Balance Your Resources for a Successful Go-live

3 Steps: Drive Your Compliance Checkup Using the OIG Work Plan

4 Ways to Improve Your End User System Testing

Building a Better Billing Office: What You Need to Know

The Art of Paying It Forward: Credit Balances

How to Create an ACA Front Desk

4 Quick Fixes to Kick-Start Your Stalled Projects

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Keeping Employees Happy During System Implementations But Were Afraid to Ask

ICD-10: The Clock is Still Ticking

Happy New Year 2015!

How to Fast Track Your Outpatient Clinical Documentation Program

ICD-10 Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

Why it is Time to Reinvent the Patient Experience

Patient Portals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Facilitation: Not Just a Buzzword, How to Run an Effective Meeting in 5 Easy Steps

Year End Payer Inventory: Why It Pays Dividends for Next Year

Optimize Your EMR: The 3 Week Plan

Retirement Planning for your Legacy System...It's Never Too Late to Start

5 Steps to Go-Live Success

Leveraging Clinical Readiness To Mitigate Risk

The Underappreciated Workflow: Why Standardization Offers Path to Efficiency

The Importance of Documentation: Why It’s All About the Details

Closing the Gap Between Your Clinical and IT Staff: 10 Simple Steps

7 Steps for Building a Data Analytics Foundation

Save Yourself and Your Organization A Headache: Test Your Software

Successful IT Projects Have One Thing in Common: Analysis

The One Question You Need to Ask Before Embarking on a Healthcare Systems Project

Centralized Scheduling: Why You Should Embrace It Now

Ensuring ROI with New Software implementations

Accounts Receivable: Prioritizing for Follow-up Success

Revenue Cycle Fixes: Show Me the Money

New Software: Ensuring a Smooth Landing

ICD-10 Dual Coding: 5 Key Reasons to Keep on Schedule

EMR Go Lives: Winning Training Strategies

Decision Support Extracts: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

The Importance of Testing: Why Testing Today Will Save You Headaches Tomorrow

How to build an ICD-10 implementation safety net with 835s

Why Optimizing Your Current Systems Can Pay Large Dividends

Quality Metrics: Why Measuring Progress is Good for the Bottom Line

Integrating Your EHR and ERP: Driving Better Decisions

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Analyzing IT Change Requests

ICD-10 Delay’s Silver Lining

Tips for Training End Users

Ingredients of an Effective Executive Steering Committee

Are your Healthcare IT “Apps” Up to Date?

Piggyback a Patient Visit and Improve Healthcare Processes

How to Improve Billing Office Efficiency

Maintaining IT Operations during Employee Turnover

How to Successfully Prepare and Manage Go-Live Support Resources

How to Develop a Sustainable Healthcare IT Training Plan

Optimizing the Patient Visit

ICD-10: To Superbill or Not to Superbill – That is the Question!

ICD-10: The Alphanumeric Dilemma

Prepare for New CMS 1500 Form to be Implemented Q1 2014

4 Simple Ways to Shine as a Healthcare IT Employee

Clinical Optimization of Specialty Clinics

Healthcare’s Big Data: Size Does Not Matter

Five Ways to Reduce Front End Denials

The Impact of Rebilling Claims

The Benefits of Outsourcing Certain Business Office Functions

The Time to Encrypt is Now: HIPAA and Encryption

Clinical Optimization Example: Physicians’ Order Preference Lists

Consolidating laboratory operations during a merger

How to Prepare for Interoperability for Meaningful Use, Stage 2

The Dangers of Saying “That’s Just our Policy”

The Politics of Change: Selecting an Extended Business Office

What is Revenue Cycle Optimization, Really?

Preparing your practice for high deductible health plans

Three Hurdles to System Migration

Clinical Optimization: Managing Patient Calls

The Benefits of Centralizing Healthcare Business Processes

What‘s in your Meaningful Use Audit Documentation File Cabinet?

The Tide has Turned on Internal Auditing

The Importance of Usability in Healthcare Technology

Clinical Optimization Strategies for the Waiting Room

WEDI reports healthcare industry is unprepared for ICD-10

When Ambulatory and Inpatient Workflows Collide

Weren’t EHRs Supposed to Increase Efficiency?

Clinical Optimization: From basic functionality to high performance

Healthcare’s Data Tsunami

Strategies for Physician EMR Training

EMR Project Strategy: Eliminate Silos

EMR Optimization: Typing and Taking Care of Patients

5 Keys to Jump-start Clinical Optimization

CMS releases prices hospitals charge for inpatient procedures

Should A/R be Payer-Centric or Denial-Centric?

The Three Pillars of Clinical Optimization

Create a Positive Training Experience

How to Deal with the Effects of Sequestration

HIPAA is for Employee Health Records, Too

Get the Most for Your EMR Training Dollar

Is your data ready for bundled payments? ACOs?

How to avoid the dangers of custom coding

Alert! Medicare Remittances with Sequestration cause reduction in payments by 2%

Post-5010 issue: Change in payor denial code

The Power of Customer Service Reps in Healthcare

Use Electronic Eligibility to Keep Up with Managed Care Changes

Helping the Physician to Maintain Patient-Physician Relationship

The Importance of Training your Frontline Staff

What (really) is a Project Plan?

Clinical documentation and the FDA alert on hip replacements

Physicians: Own your EMR

Why should you stay current on your current state?’

Improve Go-live Satisfaction with an Issue Resolution Plan

10 Steps to Managing a Clinical Data Conversion

Reduce Patient Refunds with Proactive Point of Service Protocols

We have the implementation date for ICD-10! Let the games begin!

Three Useful Ways to Report Progress

Should I convert the A/R into my new billing system?

SHHH - A ghost is lurking - Have you heard the latest ICD-10 rumor?

The Path to Healthcare Transformation

Operational efficiency and its impact on quality of care

Healthcare reform and sepsis prevention

RACs, MICs and MACs, Oh My

Communicating Effectively with IT Staff

Just Published: 5 Major Issues for Hospital Revenue Cycle Teams

How to keep EMR data clean and consistent

5 Paths to Painless EMR Implementations

Tips for Running Effective Meetings

Are You Getting Value for Your EMR?

Documentation, documentation, documentation

Don’t Forget System Management Basics

No scroll bar? Clear your cache!

Are you reconciling inventory with patient accounting?

ICD-10 comment period ends Thursday - send yours in today!

Specialty Department EHRs: OB Practice

Defensive Billing is a Lost Revenue Opportunity

5 Easy Ways to Optimize your EMR

ICD-10 Readiness: Who’s got the documentation?

How to find gold in your EMR / PM systems

The 5010 aftermath: Are your payments down?

Preparing for an EHR Implementation

Reduce Human Error in EHRs (Part 2)

Reduce Human Error in EHRs (Part 1)

Planning’s Bad Rap

Hayes' CAC survey results are in!

HIMSS ICD-10 Symposium Take-aways

Preparing for an EHR Implementation - Part 1

Changing vendors: Support those who will support the new system

Rejection or denial? Term confusion in the revenue cycle.

Meaningful Delivery

How to Build Leaders and Improve Team Effectiveness

Healthcare Reform’s Economic Impact: An Organizational Analysis

Download our EMR Optimization Presentation!

Four areas of focus for revenue cycle improvement

Hospital - Physician Alignment: Ingredients for Success

Developing a charge interface between EpicCare and IDX

CMS relaxes 5010 enforcement deadline, but providers must still be ready!

Optimize your EHR to improve efficiency and increase ROI

ICD-10: Things to do, places to go, people to see before Oct 1, 2013!

Three ways to reduce healthcare denials

ICD-10 documentation analysis? We have an app for that!

AHIMA Take-away: Educate on ICD-10 NOW!

Meet meaningful use with a quality strategic plan

EHR Budgeting Tips

I'm 5010 compliant, but where are my checks?!

Online co-working: Step away from that email, and talk to someone

What we're hearing about ICD-10 preparation

ICD-10: Lessons Learned from ICD-9

The Electronic Prescribing (eRx) Incentive Program

The Ohio State University chooses MDaudit to reduce regulatory risk

Hayes Listed in Modern Healthcare's "Best Places to Work"

Are You Prepared? Healthcare IT Disaster Planning

Tips for Managing Healthcare Vendor Relationships

The EMR Interoperability Disconnect

EMR Data Conversions: Why “Everything” is the Wrong Answer

Eight Ways to Improve Healthcare IT Training

Learn ICD-10 Lessons from Australia

National 5010 Testing Week

How to put a "face" on HIT

How to assess the impact of your new healthcare technology

ICD-10 Checklist: What can you check off?

Avoid Refunds, Move the Billing Compliance Process to the Front End

Bowtie Confidential: How Full Is Your Plate?

How to protect your brand using social media

ICD-10: Who is educating your physicians?

My dog ate my meaningful use report

Why you should find overpayments BEFORE you are audited

Is an ACO right for your organization?

Vendor selection tips

Improve revenue cycle with electronic eligibility verification

EHR data conversion best practices

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