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How to build an ICD-10 implementation safety net with 835s

Posted by Sou Chon Young on June 10, 2014 at 2:55 PM

ICD-10 is a game changer 

There is no doubt that ICD-10 is going to change the healthcare system
substantially and will impact your revenue cycle and cash flow. The amount of work to convert to ICD-10 is considerable. While tempting to approach this transformation as another in a long list of “to do’s”, I suggest looking at it as an opportunity to improve your revenue cycle. ICD-10 will not only provide more detail for clinical coding, but healthcare organizations should use this opportunity to review business processes and optimize operations. By building a “safety net” you can minimize your risk to cash flow and reimbursement by using your electronic remittance advice (aka 835) files.

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Topics: 835, meaningful information, cash flow, CARCs, RARCs, ICD-10, revenue cycle

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