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5 Common Pitfalls of Technology Strategy Development

Posted by Pete Rivera on May 31, 2017 at 9:00 AM

When trying to develop a technology strategy for your organization you often find yourself overwhelmed by the differences of opinion within your organization.

Application users have certain expectations of the technology that should help them with their day-to-day workflow. The organizational leadership team may have competing interests between what is required from a clinical integration standpoint and what is needed to get claims out the door. Striking a balance between what you feel is right for the organization and what your leadership team is telling you is often not the same.

Here are five common pitfalls to avoid when developing your technology strategy:

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Leveraging Peer Collaboration and Information Sharing: 3 Things to Think About

Posted by Robert Freedman on May 24, 2017 at 9:00 AM

An article in Inc. Magazine outlined five reasons why collaboration is crucial. While the article was focused mainly on business organizations, the concept is just as important for those in healthcare generally and for compliance and auditing professionals specifically.

The key reasons for working with peers in your industry are:

  • Self-awareness – Collaboration forces you to clearly describe areas of strength and weakness
  • Scale – “Two heads are better than one”
  • Creative Abrasion – Converting energy from people who are different into positive action
  • Take the long view – Ideas may not have an immediate impact but could be beneficial down the road
  • Learn, learn, and learn some more – Collaboration sets an expectation of continuous learning to expand the knowledge base of the organization.[1]

No person – or organization – has all the answers. The more you can work with peers at similar institutions facing similar challenges, the better the chances you can effectively address and successfully solve them. There are three things to consider that can help energize peer collaboration in your organization.

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Why Healthcare Technology Innovation Must Consider the Patient Story

Posted by Jeff Liddell on May 17, 2017 at 9:00 AM

By Jeff Liddell, Harmony Healthcare IT Consultant, Licensed Social Worker, Emergency Psychiatric Services High Reliability Organization Coach

The buzz and excitement surrounding last month’s NCAA Basketball Tournament provided another example of how the Road to the Final Four has become an annual community ritual encompassing people of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone, it seems, follows the action with brackets in hand as the field is whittled down from 68 to one National Champion – this year North Carolina.

The enormity of the event can be overwhelming, but as I followed the action I was most inspired by the individual stories of these college players - some of them beginning in faraway places like Poland, Africa, and Germany. While the victorious Tarheels cut down the nets amid a shower of blue and white confetti, many of the player stories had already begun to fade away.

Something similar is happening in the healthcare industry. The exhilaration surrounding the innovations in healthcare technology has taken center stage – sometimes at the expense of the stories of the patients the technology is meant to help. As industry leaders, we can’t be dazzled to the point where the patient story is lost beneath the waves of technology sweeping healthcare today. In an environment of mergers and acquisitions, consolidations and the tsunami of new technology and challenges to deliver care, we must be vigilant in ensuring that the patient remains the focus.

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Non-Medicare Payer Contracts and High Deductible Health Plans: 5 Things to Consider

Posted by Paul Fox on May 10, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Many non-Medicare provider contracts have unwritten ramifications of which you should be aware.  In today’s world of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) what you are really negotiating is your future self-pay liability until your patient’s deductible has been satisfied.  Do you have a viable strategy in place to understand what your organization’s options are and what you can/cannot do under your payer contract terms?  Additionally, should you insist certain clauses be present in the contract which will empower your facility to accurately collect at the time of service?

Here are five things to consider before entering into an agreement with a payer.

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What’s the Key to an Effective IT Transition? Governance and Strategy

Posted by Sondra Akrin on May 3, 2017 at 9:00 AM

As of 2015, one out of every five providers was looking at replacing its EHR system.[1] That is less than prior years when there was widespread dissatisfaction with healthcare IT systems but dissatisfaction isn’t the only reason organizations transition to a different IT system. Growth and the need for a more comprehensive solution is another reason, but even more common is a forced change because of an acquisition or merger.

Consolidation in the healthcare industry continues at a rapid rate, and one of the most difficult tasks with every merger is reconciling the IT infrastructure. In most cases that means the acquired group will be transitioning to the IT system of the acquiring organization. Chances are you will face an IT transition as some point in the future so you need to be prepared.

Going through the transition of a Practice Management (PM) or clinical (EHR/EMR) IT system can be a challenging and difficult experience. The best way to avoid the many pitfalls is to develop a detailed plan before the project even begins.

At the top of your list should be the two most critical elements of the planning process: establishing your governance structure and outlining your strategy.

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