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Overcoming Resistance to Change: It’s All About the Buy-in

Posted by Melinda Outlaw on March 11, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Healthcare organizations are facing an overwhelming number of complex changes related to new initiatives,  government regulations and the optimization of current processes. Many of these changes are regulatory generated, while others are competitively motivated, policy-driven and/or a result of customer derived requirements. Regardless of the reason, before a change is initiated the impact of the impending change to all those affected should be deemed a highly significant matter of importance in the change management planning process.   So how do you manage change when there is resistance?

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How to Balance Your Resources for a Successful Go-live

Posted by Melinda Outlaw on March 4, 2015 at 9:00 AM

The adage that the only constant is change can be applied to healthcare today. Implementing, upgrading or optimizing an EHR, or implementing new technology is a frequent occurrence for healthcare organizations.

Understanding how to estimate resources for the go-live can be a full time job without proper tools and skills. But planning appropriately doesn’t stop with the right tools and skills. Many organizations over-spend on resources or fail to provide adequate coverage in the right areas and settings. Developing a support model for a “Big Bang” implementation has proven to be more problematic and risk producing when compared to the phased approach and/or parallel approach. The complexity of the “Big Bang” go-live events, require even more strategic planning that involves experience obtained from several previous go-lives in different settings, understanding of the technology being implemented and the impact on the users across each area of the organization and more. So how do you plan for your next go live?

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