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5 Reasons You Should Use an Independent Healthcare Expert for Clinical Optimization

Posted by Rena Hrivnak on April 12, 2017 at 9:00 AM

EHR technology has reached near universal adoption as organizations continue to invest in their IT environment. The clinical and business side of most healthcare organizations have adapted to the use of EHR’s and as resistance has melted away, there is a clamor to get even more utility from their systems. The general upheaval in the industry has also continued to shrink revenue and squeeze margins, leading organizations to launch cost savings initiatives across the board. Many look to their clinical systems to help them improve productivity, efficiency, and patient satisfaction to help drive revenue increases and trim costs.

Attaining those goals often leads to a clinical optimization program. Though worthwhile, these initiatives can often fall by the wayside or fail to get enough mind share because existing staff is tied up with day-to-day tasks that consume their time. Some organizations look to their EHR vendor to help but this can lead to a narrow, single solution view of potential improvements.

Often the best solution is bringing in an independent expert consultant who can help drive the optimization program and achieve tangible results. Here are five reasons you should consider an independent healthcare expert to help with your clinical optimization program.

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3 Secrets to Save on Healthcare IT Costs

Posted by Angela Hunsberger on October 28, 2015 at 9:00 AM

More than ever, technology is a mainstay in delivering healthcare. Demand for services and solutions are in full swing thanks to incentive program participation, the shift in outcome-based pay models, and practices affiliating with hospital networks. For many practices, fluctuating program guidelines combined with the rushed pace of technology adoption has resulted in an overconsumption of software products. Focusing on a moving target makes it difficult to spot areas that could be unnecessarily costing your organization a significant amount of money. The next few paragraphs will reveal how to identify opportunities to save on healthcare IT costs. The advice is free and the payoff is priceless.

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Closing the Gap Between Your Clinical and IT Staff: 10 Simple Steps

Posted by Lorie Richardson on September 24, 2014 at 8:30 AM

It’s easy to assume that there is little to no intersection in the day-to-day duties of your IT staff and your clinical staff. And, in large part, you are correct in this assumption, except for when it comes to patient satisfaction and safety. Creating an environment of communication for these two essential departments can improve teamwork, align priorities and in the end save your organization time and money.

Here are ten simple steps that we have seen work firsthand to close the gap and maximize communication between your IT clinical staff.

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