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Are You Ready for Value-Based Care? 7 Things to Consider

Posted by Strategic Planning Team on August 9, 2017 at 9:00 AM

MACRA took effect in January and the march to value-based care (VBC) continues. According to the 2017 HealthLeaders Media Value-Based Readiness Survey, healthcare organizations have been making steady progress in getting ready for the transition.

Three quarters of respondents say their level of preparation is “strong or somewhat strong” up from just over half who made the same claim a year ago. Two thirds report their infrastructure preparation for value-based care is “strong or somewhat strong” up from less than half a year ago.[1]

While a majority of hospitals and physician practices appear to be well on their way to successfully making the transition to value-based care models, there remains many other organizations who still have work to do. Here are seven things to consider as you continue to assess your readiness for the shift from fee-for-service to VBC.

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Know the Score: Understanding the MACRA Advancing Care Information Category

Posted by Strategic Planning Team on June 14, 2017 at 9:00 AM

We are now six months into the implementation of MACRA and organizations have moved from the theoretical to reality when it comes to the law’s new requirements. The transition has put the CMS EHR incentive program – better known as Meaningful Use (MU) – in the rear-view mirror, replaced by the Advancing Care Information (ACI) component of the MIPS track of MACRA.

MU mandated that organizations meet minimum thresholds when it came to the use of EHR technology. ACI aims to take the integration of electronic records to the next level by focusing on performance, not just use. ACI expands MU to include MIPS eligible clinicians who were not previously eligible for incentive payments such as physician assistants, nurse practioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists and hospital-based EP’s.

CMS has outlined several major goals in designing the requirements for ACI:

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5 Common Pitfalls of Technology Strategy Development

Posted by Pete Rivera on May 31, 2017 at 9:00 AM

When trying to develop a technology strategy for your organization you often find yourself overwhelmed by the differences of opinion within your organization.

Application users have certain expectations of the technology that should help them with their day-to-day workflow. The organizational leadership team may have competing interests between what is required from a clinical integration standpoint and what is needed to get claims out the door. Striking a balance between what you feel is right for the organization and what your leadership team is telling you is often not the same.

Here are five common pitfalls to avoid when developing your technology strategy:

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Keys to a Successful Project: Define Before You Jump into Planning

Posted by Mike Tagliento on September 14, 2016 at 9:00 AM

In most organizations when a new project is about to get underway whether internal or with an outside vendor the first question asked is, “Do you have a project plan yet?”  While the project plan is a valuable document in the project manager’s tool kit, it’s not the only one.  Prior to building a stable and workable project plan, the project manager needs to work with stakeholders, possible team members, vendor(s), ancillary resources, and resource managers to define the project as whole and how it aligns to the organization’s goals.

The need to identify core project resources can be a large challenge initally.  Understanding existing time commitments to daily work tasks and existing project work allows the project manager to better plan on how/when the core team will be allocated to best use the needed resources. 

The Core Team should be made up of project leads and core team members.  Project leads should be comprised of departmental managers impacted by the new project and the core team members will be executing on the plan (once completed) with input from the leads.

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Ignore the Buzzwords – Why a Strategic Approach to Advanced Analytics Provides a Return

Posted by Chris Harper on February 17, 2016 at 9:00 AM

Chris Harper, Director Business Architecture and Analytics, University of Kansas Hospital

There’s no doubt that advanced analytics has become an integral component for business decision making today and the healthcare industry is no exception. The problem is that we can sometimes be hypnotized by buzzwords like “big data” and “predictive analytics” and lose sight of the real goal of an effective analytics strategy. When that happens, organizations can end up throwing dollars and investment assets at a program without investing the necessary time and thought up front to build a solid strategy for their analytics initiatives.

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Healthcare leaders blog: HIT Challenges in Transition: Moving Toward a Clinically Integrated Network

Posted by Healthcare Leaders on January 20, 2016 at 9:00 AM

Chuck Deckert, Vice President, Health Information Technology Solutions, Sharp Healthcare
Neil Treister, MD, MBA, Medical Informatics Officer, Sharp Healthcare

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Topics: strategic planning, hit challenges, clinically integrated network, Hayes Thought Leadership Blog Series

Is Becoming an ACO the Right Choice for You? 5 Questions to Ask

Posted by Don Michaels, Ph.D. on January 6, 2016 at 9:00 AM

One of the key concepts to rise out of the turbulent past decade in the healthcare industry is the Accountable Care Organization (ACO). In the ACO model, private and government payers offer the opportunity for financial incentives to groups of providers to encourage them to come together voluntarily to deliver high quality while keeping costs down. The theory is that rewarding providers for outcomes rather than just the number of services provided will ensure more efficient and effective patient care. The initiative makes sense, but putting it into practice has proven to be challenging.

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Before You Hire That Backfill Support Team, Ask Yourself 5 Questions

Posted by Susan Cruz on October 21, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Choosing a backfill consultant may seem like an easy process. Why bother with weighing team structure, management, personalities, and toolkits when the team will be gone in such a short time? When choosing a backfill team, you are likely focused on signing contracts with a new vendor not to mention completely uprooting your business and application team processes. However, due to regulatory and compliance issues surrounding your historical data and the mammoth effort required to retire your legacy system, you may be working with your backfill team far longer than initially anticipated. Choosing a team that fits well with your staff and organization’s culture will have a substantial impact on customer service and your bottom line, all during a time when your team is fully occupied with the installation of a new system and all of your cash is generated from the soon-to-be-legacy system.

While it will require a bit of introspection, there are 5 key factors you should consider before starting your vendor selection for a backfill support team:

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